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Great option while in-person retreats are on hold!


Our online retreats are designed to support you in "retreating" from daily habits that keep you from reaching your health and wellness goals. We offer you tools that will help you shift into habits that will help you reach your goals by giving yourself an extra boost of nutrition, every day.



A digital gathering can never replace the intimate, personal connection of retreating from every day life to a serene location outside of your every day context. However, for many of us, this is not an option. However, there are other ways to benefit from the purpose behind a retreat. The Juice Boost Online Retreat may be just the solution for you!



Attending an on-site retreat may involve travel costs, the retreat costs, time off work, etc.. Once you factor in all involved you may be looking at a big expense. While this can be a wonderful solution for some, and we do offer on-site retreats, we know this is not available to everyone. So, we have designed the Juice Boost Online Retreats as a way for those who would like the benefits of a retreat, but need to participate form home. We meet together every day, in a live web environment, but at a fraction of the cast. Our online retreats are only $265 for Mon-Friday of personal interaction. Also, when you sign up for our online retreats, you get 50% off of our Online Course In Juices, Smoothies and Nut Milks! If you are new to juicing, this is a great way to learn how to make these drinks before your retreat.


With the online retreat, you get to benefit from the daily schedule of a retreat, while actively pursuing your new habits in the midst of your regular day. When you go to an on-site retreat, it is common to find an inspiring rhythm and great insight into how to cultivate positive lifestyle changes. However, returning home and trying to incorporate all you've learned into your regular routine can be difficult, leading to a fall back into old habits. When you retreat at home, you are finding that inspiration and rhythm shift in the context of your every day, making it easier to simply continue on, after your retreat.  


When you participate in a Juice Boost Online Retreat, you start as a community, from the beginning. Coming together with others, in a live environment online, to share your experiences and challenges, as you move through your Juice Boost together, can nurture new openness and cultivates lasting friendships, in a virtual shared space. 


The first thing you will do is arrange your schedule so that you can meet with us, and the rest of your group, every day of your retreat. If you were to travel somewhere, you would do this. So, we will have two times available, per day, that you can choose from to jump online and have discussion with us, go through your workshops, participate in sharing, and find support. We have chosen morning and evening times to meet. This will help foster that rhythm of setting aside time, so after your retreat you already have a built-in place in your schedule to make your juices and smoothies. 


When we know we are meeting with a group of folks who are coming together for the same purpose, we are often more likely to show up. However, don't worry. We understand that because you will participate from your normal schedule, unavoidable challenges may come up that make you miss our gatherings. That's o.k. You will still have your reseources available, and the group will be waiting to greet you at the next meeting, ready to support you as you work to stay on track. 

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