Radish Juice? Yes!

Fall has come and it's time for foods with warming, grouding ingredients. Although juice may not seem like a go-to drink this time of year, juiced root vegetables are known for these soothing qualities. Luckily for us the Juice Garden has a very special beauty popping up: the Daikon raddish. This unique vegetable is fun to experiment with and can be a spicy, warming addition to your recipe. Once you've explored the health benefits of the Daikon you may find yourself inspired to use it more often. Do some exploring, try the recipe we've provided below, and let us know how it goes!


The amounts below are approximations. Produce varys in size and taste throughout the seasons so play around to find the right flavor balance for your taste.

1/2 - Daikon Radish root

5 - Carrots

2 - Apples

1/2 - Lemon

1 - Small to medium chunk of celieriac

This will make roughly 16oz depending on the sizes of ingredients.

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